70% essence-based foundation pact for a creaminess you can see and moisturizing, soothing cover you can feel.

AGE 20’s Essence Cover Pact Original Case+ Refill 2ea

    • Product composition: AGE 20's Essence cover pact original case + Pink latte 2ea (12.5g x 2) + Makeup puff 2ea
    • SPF50+/PA+++
    • Restores revitalized glow to fatigued yellowish complexion.
    • Hyaluronic acid triple complex deeply penetrates the skin.
    • Contains fermented & patented, Nobel Prize award-winning EGF for resilient glow.
    • EXP: #21 - June 2022, #23 - May 2022
    • Brand: AGE
    • Manufacturer: Aekyung Co., Ltd.
    • Country of Origin: South Korea